When I heard about the establishment of Dora’s Dream, later named Schools of Dreams, it was such a compelling story that I wanted to be a part of the journey. In early 2000 I met Dora Anie, the founder of Dora’s Dream, heard the story and I was hooked!! Those who knew Dora will understand that once you meet her, hear the story as told by her, you are hooked for life. That was my situation, and I wanted to be a part of that journey which has lasted over 12 years so far for me!!

The Mission behind Schools of Dreams is to transform the lives of young children and their communities by building safe learning environments in rural Ghana.

The Vision behind Schools of Dreams is to work together as one community to provide access to education for young children in rural Ghana.

The Mission and Vision appealed to me because I have a passion for learning and I fully believe in the ability to change lives by education, so I was ready to throw my weight in this effort to help change lives of young children in rural Ghana.

Over the years the children have written letters about their hopes and dreams for their future. These letters are so filled with serious plans about how they would be able to improve their lives, as well as those of their parents and their community. Yes, their passion is contagious and I continue to want to remain on this journey.

Sadly, we lost Dora in 2019, but the dream lives on and I am committed to working as hard as possible to do my part to continue her legacy and create successful lives for the children in Ghana. I do hope that others will join us to support this worthwhile endeavour.