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Applicant Eligibility Selection Process

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The objective of the eligibility and selection process is to provide Schools of Dreams with a framework for choosing applicants that is based on fairness, transparency, objectivity, and an alignment with our mission, vision, and values. The School Selection Committee (SSC) will use a decision scorecard to evaluate and rank applications. Before submitting an application, please read all of the information below, particularly the section titled “Pre-Screener,” to determine if your school proposal meets the basic eligibility requirements.

Phases of the Eligibility and Selection Process

All applications are screened and scored based on a decision scorecard process. Questions included in Phase 1 and 2 will account for two-thirds of the weight, and thus, are greater determinants of the success of the application.



During the pre-screening phase, the School Selection Committee (SSC) decides which applications will receive further consideration in the selection process by assessing two aspects: “Is the applicant eligible to apply?” and “Does the applicant meet the prerequisites?”

The SSC will determine the eligibilty of each application based on responses to questions regarding the following:

  • the school is in the district of Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly 
  • the community has the land where the school will be built and is willing to designate the land solely for that purpose
  • the intent to build a school for nursery and kindergarten classrooms (age 2-6)
  • the willingness to participate in the funder/founder recognition program onsite


Screening Phase

The Screening Questions Phase accounts for approximately one-third of the decision scorecard weight. The combination of scores from the three (3) areas below will determine if you meet the final requirements to be selected for a school build.

  • Quality of the Application – this section measures the extent to which all required information is included in the application

  • Impact – this section provides a description of the impact that a new or renovated school would have on the community (e.g. student enrolment, academic achievement, student behaviour, teacher positions, teacher motivation and teacher attendance, etc)

  • Budget – this section provides an estimate of the cost to renovate or build the proposed school
Language Requirements

It is strongly suggested that the application be completed in English if possible. An applicant who meets the eligibility criteria will still be considered if they do not apply in English; however, we encourage such applicants to translate any document in a local Ghanaian Language into English Text OR advise the SSC to discuss the need for a translator. 

    Submission of Applications

    Applicants are required to submit a complete electronic application within 6 weeks of opening an application and must provide all required information to be eligible for consideration. Applications are accepted all year round and available on the website with future parameters to be adapted and targeted as needed. In specific circumstances, we may contact you to request additional information to verify your eligibility. You should start filling out the online form right away to get all the information and documents you need before the deadline. We also encourage you to keep submitting applications even if you can’t make the deadline to be considered for future projects. 

     You can save your application and finish it later. Use the “Submit” button in the application to complete your action.

      Selection of Applicant Phase

      During the selection phase, the School Selection Committee will review all applications to determine which applicants successfully meet the eligibility requirements. After the process is completed, all applicants will be informed of their status via email or letter regarding whether they have qualified as part of the school selection process. A follow-up email/letter to the applicant(s) will discuss the next steps and potential start date of the school build.

      NOTE: Applicants should save a copy of the notice of application as well as all related documents.

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