School Selection

Applicant Eligibility Selection Process

Please read this information for more details about the application

The objective of the eligibility, application, and selection process is to provide Schools of Dreams with a framework for choosing school project applicants that is aligned with our vision, mission, and values. Before filling out the application form, please read all of the information below to determine if your proposal meets the basic eligibility requirements. Schools of Dreams will evaluate and rank applications based on greatest need.

Deadline for all applications will be December 15, 2023.

Phase 1: Determine your eligibility

Applicant must answer “yes” to the following questions in order to proceed to Phase 2: 

  • Are you building or renovating a nursery school or kindergarten (for children ages 2-6)?
  • Are you located in the district of Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly?
  • Are you publicly funded? (ie. is your school and its property owned and operated by the Ministry of Education?)
  • Are you designating the land solely for the purpose of a Schools of Dreams project?
  • Are the Headmaster and other community leaders willing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Schools of Dreams outlining their commitment to maintaining the building after the project is completed?
Phase 2: Fill out the application

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete the application in full, in English. Please translate any document in a Ghanaian language into English (if needed, you may contact for assistance with translation). We also strongly encourage that a staff member on-site be able to communicate with the Schools of Dreams team in English.
  • Provide supporting documents such as a copy of the deed to the land on which the school will be built, photos, and letters of support from community members.
Phase 3: The School Selection Committee will evaluate and rank applications

In specific circumstances, we may contact you to request additional information to verify your eligibility. Please be aware that although you may meet all criteria, sometimes the need exceeds our capacity and we may not be able to fund your project.

Application Form

Applications are accepted at specified times that will be communicated on our website. You must submit a complete electronic application including all required documents to be eligible for consideration (you can save your application and finish it in stages before the deadline).

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