Completed Projects



Name of School

Mepom Presbyterian Primary and Nursery school

Project Details

This is where it all began. Dora made plans to return to Ghana for the first time in 13 years; it was 2003, and Ann-Marie and Barbara went too. Part of the trip included a visit to the school in Mepom that Dora had attended. It was unrecognizable: the conditions were deplorable—crumbling concrete walls, scant supplies. So once they arrived back in Canada, Dora began working on a plan to raise money to rebuild the school and provide supplies to the students.

With the help of the church communities at MacNab Street Presbyterian in Hamilton, and Knox Preston Presbyterian in Cambridge, Ont., as well as many other donors, Dora’s long-held dream to help the children of Ghana to receive an education was realized. In 2004, the project was named Dora’s Dream, and three years later a nursery, kindergarten school and kitchen was completed and handed over to the Mepom community, along with clothing, school and cooking supplies, and a water poly tank. Since then, under Dora’s direction, work has begun to construct another nursery and kindergarten school where there has never been one in the nearby village of Akuffukrom.

Before the school was built there were about 30 children in the Kindergarten class.  Because their classroom buildings were unsafe,  many of the students in the catchment area were attending other schools. After the construction of the school, they immediately experienced 150 Students boost. The attendance is now thriving.

Schools of Dreams built, rebuilt, and renovated two nurseries, 

  • Two junior kindergarten classes, and 
  • a lunchroom (including installation of an industrial stove and water tank).