Schools of Dreams is currently working on a process to define and measure our social impact on the school communities impacted by our projects. We have developed a practical tool that details the impact areas and the type of outcomes we are focused on to be administered in partnership with the community.

Our priority areas to measure include assessment of potential impact on students, parents, faculty and community stakeholders will typically highlight student achievement and strengthen school and community partnerships.

Why Is A Social Impact Assessment Important for School of Dreams?

  • It’s an important tool to assess the social, cultural and economic impacts of our activities on individuals and communities in Ghana. This is particularly relevant for demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders.
  • It helps us identify ways that local communities have benefitted from our projects.
  • It helps us understand and avoid potential negative impact.
  • It helps us see how our activities overseas align with our mission, vision and values—to determine whether we are adhering to our mission or drifting from it.
  • It’s good practice; it is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to ensure that we examine our activities in Ghana and determine the effect on people and communities.  
  • It’s another way for SoD to engage community stakeholders in Ghana.
  • It facilitates learning, generates improvements, and informs decision-making by ensuring that the Board of Directors feels genuinely confident that our activities are achieving meaningful results.
  • It informs the Board of Directors’ decisions on whether and how to shape, revise, end or expand the program.