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Our Mission

Schools of Dreams transforms the lives of young children and their communities by building safe, sustainable learning environments in rural Ghana.

Where it all began

The founder of Schools of Dreams, Dora Anie, travelled with her daughters to the village of Mepom, Ghana, the place where she was born and raised. Seeing the terrible condition of the school and nursery and the lack of available resources, she decided to create an environment conducive to learning for the youngest children of that village. After returning home to Hamilton, Dora experienced a heartfelt need to reach out to the children of Mepom. In 2003 as she shared her journey through pictures and conversations with friends, she created an enthusiasm that began Dora’s dream.

Since inception, all fundraising, administration and project work in Canada is done by volunteers. The initiative is now headed by an enthusiastic board of directors.To date a new building has been constructed in Mepom that houses two junior and two senior kindergarten classrooms. This was followed by the construction of a nursery and kitchen.

There remain countless communities with unsafe schools or makeshift structures being used for teaching that need to be replaced. We are embarking on our next phase of finding a new village to develop our next project. 



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How We Celebrate Black History Month

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Schools of Dreams – A Passion with a Purpose

Schools of Dreams – A Passion with a Purpose

When I heard about the establishment of Dora’s Dream, later named Schools of Dreams, it was such a compelling story that I wanted to be a part of the journey. In early 2000 I met Dora Anie, the founder of Dora’s Dream, heard the story and I was hooked!! Those who knew...

Dora’s Dream

Dora’s Dream

Dora Anie had a dream. She wanted to ensure every child in her native Ghana could attend a proper school and get an education. Dora made that dream her life’s goal. Sadly, Dora passed away in 2019. But today, we are immensely proud to present a new fundraiser in...

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