Building Schools Since 2004

“Education will assist me to get knowledge and communication skills that would help me to get a better life.”

Patricia Dede Lartey

15 years old, Akuffokrom Basic School

“Education would help me achieve my aim in future.”

Abigail Torglo

Age 15, Akuffokrom Basic School

Our Mission…

Schools of Dreams is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to building or renovating schools in Ghana that are owned and operated by the government of Ghana. Through this partnership with the Ghana government, we provide students with the support and sustainability to empower their educational journey so that they may realize their potential to fully participate in the worldwide community.

Where It All Began …

The founder of Schools of Dreams, Dora Anie, travelled with her daughters to the village of Mepom, Ghana, the place where she was born and raised. Seeing the terrible condition of the school and nursery and the lack of available resources, she decided to create an environment conducive to learning for the youngest children of that village. After returning home to Hamilton, Dora experienced a heartfelt need to reach out to the children of Mepom. In 2003 as she shared her journey through pictures and conversations with friends, she created an enthusiasm that began Dora’s dream. The initiative is now headed by an enthusiastic board of directors.To date a new building has been constructed in Mepom that houses two junior and two senior kindergarten classrooms. This was followed by the construction of a nursery and kitchen. Projects continue including the adoption of a new village.

“A Child Miseducated Is A Child Lost” – John F Kennedy